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Business Department

 There are four buniness departments in Our Comapny.


      Glass Cutting Department

Mainly provide Schott borofloat®33, Robax, d263t, B270, BK7, AF32 and other series of optical glass products and cutting processing services. The company has advanced glass cutting machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, CNC engraving machine and other equipment, processing range of mainly mobile phone cover, protective film, photoelectric glass, LCD glass, display glass, cell phone glass, art glass mobile phone camera glass, the original piece of glass cut and other ultra-thin glass cutting of special-shaped cutting, laser cutting, the largest cutting size for 1313*1313mm.

Grinding and Polishing Department

Mainly provide plane grinding processing, double-sided grinding processing, planar polishing, double-sided polishing, ultra-precision plane grinding polishing, ultra-precision double-sided grinding, mirror polishing, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other hardware accessories abrasive polishing processing, special-shaped curved work piece grinding polishing processing, mobile phone hardware parts, such as surface polishing products processing services. The main processing super hard materials precision tool processing as well as semiconductor silicon wafer, optical glass, ceramics, lcd, watch glass, gems, all kinds of flange, valve plate, seals, blades and other metal and non-metallic parts. Double-sided polishing grinding maximum processing size for 1000x1000mm, single-sided polishing grinding the largest size of 1700mm.

Optical Coating Department

Mainly provide optical coating external processing business, the company currently has various types of optical coating equipment, including metal PVD, optical magnetron sputtering, sputtering evaporation composite coating machine. Coating processing direction includes: A. Touch screen cover Glass anti-fingerprint (AF) film, B. Mobile phone camera lens AR/AR+AF/AF coating, C. optical function coating. At the same time, the use of modern standard process management process, so that the production process and design, equipment to achieve the most perfect combination to ensure the product progress and quality, to provide customers with the most outstanding performance, the highest cost-effective products, and customer specific requirements can provide tailored personalized service and the overall solution.

 Lithography and Replication Department
     The department mainly provides lithography, such as electron beam lithography, step lithography, contact lithography, line width min 2μm, various lithography technology combined with the advanced lithography concept, to achieve the customer's different size lithography needs. Lithography technology is a kind of image copying technology, the use of photo resist after the photosensitive characteristics of the principle of change, the photo lithography mask version is accurately copied onto the photo resist coated on the silicon wafer, and then the photo resist is used as a mask to selectively process (etch or inject) on the mask layer on the surface of the wafer. Thus the corresponding graphic structure is obtained on the wafer. can provide maximum processing size 800x960x7.8mm, precision up to 0.002mm, processing materials are divided into: quartz glass, soda glass, K9 glass, B270 and so on.

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