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Optical glass and ordinary glass difference:

Recently, the management and System Research Institute completed an important innovation project and the national power industry, developed a new type of induction watt-hour meter required multiple sensors, the conversion efficiency is 50 times the Holzer sensor.
The meter is an indispensable tool in measurement of electric power industry, but its itself in the consumption of a certain power. The expert says, this large city in New York, the consumption of electric wattless power almost equal to the United States of America the Niagara River hydropower generation station (the United States of America in the Niagara River hydropower station installed capacity of 2000000 kilowatts). Mechanical watt-hour meter high energy consumption, the error rate of 7-8%, has been gradually replaced by the induction type electronic watt-hour meter. But electronic watt-hour meter is current and voltage parameters in the calculation of power amplifier, still must take into account the loss of reactive power, the power factor cos. Because of the electronic amplifier of current and voltage parameters is nonlinear, the linear processing of it is a complex technical work, at the same time, the environmental temperature also has some influence on the amplifier.
The expert thinks, the key to solve these problems is to create a low cost and high reliability of the sensor, which has the function of amplifier. At present, the sensor has been published in Bulgaria, management and system research, the experts will be known as the multiple sensor (multisensor). This sensor is integrated block made of semiconductor silicon element, its function is far more than a single numerical measurement.
Security experts believe that, with multiple sensors to solve some problems in innovation. For example, in addition to the magnetic energy is converted to electrical energy, in the sensor in magnetic field will produce those process; sensor will be those mechanical program; the availability of such as pressure, temperature, illumination and other non electrical parameters in processing the output signal. Integrated silicon new multifunctional sensor can simultaneously and independently of the magnetic field strength and direction and ambient temperature measurement. Insurance experts say, in the field of monitoring technology currently is not similar with sensor, it can be widely used in various subject, of course, can also be used for contactless electrical power measurement, because the electronic amplifier, it also has the function of voltage and current. Holzer compared to sensor used widely nowadays, the multifunctional sensor conversion efficiency is improved by 50 times. It is reported, the Bulgarian multifunctional sensor has been included in the EU seventh framework of priorities for this project.
This new technology is the secret of sensor induction voltage and current amplification. The working principle is as follows. Initial current flows through the transmission conductor in magnetic field, the recorded perpendicular to the current of the magnetic induction intensity and induced current parameter equivalence, no current contact between the transmission conductor and the sensor. It used Holzer element, but Holzer element problem is the low sensitivity, and is not easy to eliminate the influence of temperature on the measurement parameters.

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