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The fourteen China International Optical Fair

In September 6, 2012 ---2012 year in September 9th at the fourteen session of the China International Optical Fair (hereinafter referred to as light exhibition) in the business of blessings and satisfied with the laughter in the closing ceremony. The exhibition includes optical components, optical precision measurement, LED exhibition, exhibition, laser and infrared optical processing equipment, optical materials processing, optical measurement equipment content area. After 14 years of development, companies from all over the country, provided the technical exchanges, mutual exchange of needed products, mutual aid and cooperation platform for exhibitors.
Dongguan Hongcheng optical products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hongcheng optical) the first time exhibitors, the increase in the number of new product elements for exhibition, cut a striking figure in the optical industry. This exposition by the general manager of the company Mr. Li Yougen personally led a delegation to participate in, fully demonstrated the high attention to light Bo exhibition.
This exhibition Division I benefited, potential customers come to the consultation, a thorough understanding of the industry in a continuous line, a lot of friends to exchange technology. Hongcheng optical is ushering in a new round of development opportunities. In the industry hope and blessing, Hongcheng optical will be getting better and better. Here Hongcheng optical thank: each manufacturer to Hongcheng optical trust and support. Hope later more cooperation, common development. Work together to promote the development of the optical industry.
Hongcheng optical heartfelt blessing light Bo exhibition more and more prosperous, new products, new technology, new thinking wish light Bo Exhibition for the optical manufacturing industry a new round of development has brought enormous impetus.
Hongcheng optical will as in the past to support light Bo exhibition and will next year, exhibitors in the high specification. Hongcheng optical people uphold: "integrity" concept, will always not to move or retreat adhere to quality first, create brilliant. In the optical industry next year and then condensing exhibition.

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