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Present situation and development of key sensors and instrumentation components

Sensors and instrumentation components is one of the most basic components in instrumentation and automation systems. Sensors and instrumentation components has the demand for services is wide, wide variety, the major characteristics and its technical level and improve the quality of our products, will lay the foundation for Chinese manufacturing's informatization.
Current situation and problems
Sensors and instrumentation technology and products in our country, through the development, have greatly improved. The country has more than 1600 enterprises and institutions engaged in the development of sensors and instrumentation components, development and production. But compared with abroad, in China, the varieties of sensors and instrumentation components and quality level, and cannot meet the needs of the domestic market, the level of the overall level is still in the abroad in the early 1990 s. Main problems are:
(1) science and technology innovation, the core manufacturing technology seriously lags behind foreign countries, with independent intellectual property rights of products, variety is not complete, the product technology level and foreign 15 years or so.
(2) the investment strength is low, the scientific research equipment and production technology and equipment backward, low level of achievements, product quality is poor.
(3) science and technology and production, affect the conversion of scientific research, comprehensive strength is low, the lagged industrial development.
Strategic objectives
By 2020, the field of sensors and instrumentation components should strive to achieve the three strategic objectives:
With industrial control, automotive, communications, environmental protection for key services, to sensor, elastic components, optical components, dedicated circuit as the key object, development with independent intellectual property rights of original technology and products;
Based on the MEMS technology, integration, intelligence and network technology as the backing, to strengthen the development of new sensors and instrumentation components manufacturing process and, to leading products and close to the advanced level of similar foreign products;
To increase the variety, improve quality and economic benefit as the main target, accelerate the industrialization, the domestic varieties of sensors and instrumentation components share reached 70% ~ 70%, high grade product of more than 60%.
Development priorities
Sensor technology
(1) MEMS process and manufacturing technics of a new generation of solid state sensor microstructure: deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) process or IGP process; Encapsulation process: such as room temperature bonding inversion welding, stress free low encapsulation structure and chip assembly process; New sensors, such as micro silicon capacitive sensor, micro silicon mass flow sensor, aerospace with dynamic sensors, micro sensors, automotive special pressure, acceleration sensor, the micro environmental protection in chemical sensors, etc.
(2) the integration process and multivariate composite sensor microstructure integrated manufacturing process; Industrial control with a multivariate compound sensor, such as: pressure, static pressure, temperature sensors, three variables four variable air pressure, wind, temperature, humidity sensors, micro silicon composite strain pressure sensor, sensor on display.
(3) the intelligent cable or wireless technology and intelligent sensor signal detection, transformation processing, logic and function calculation, two-way communications, intelligent technology such as self-diagnosis; ZhiNengDuo variable sensors and intelligent power sensor and all kinds of smart sensor, transmitter.
(4) the network technology and networked sensor, the sensor has the standard interface and protocol of industrialization function.
Instrumentation components
[key words] : sensor instrument components
Elastic element (1) to develop and perfect the new molding process, molding process of electrodeposition, welding molding process; Focus on development of aviation and space flight with low stiffness and large displacement, long-life miniature precision bellows, high temperature and high pressure valve bellows; Corrugated pipe developed efficient molding process equipment and performance testing instrument.
(2) optical element to develop advanced technology: aspheric optical element design, manufacturing technology and optical multilayer coating technology and the new type of ion assisted deposition technology.
Development of optical fiber communication and digital imaging with a new type of optical element. Such as miniature variable density filters, ultra narrow band filter, micro lens array, large areas of the polarization components, aspherical glass - mixed plastic lens.
(3) special dedicated circuit improve the circuit integration and personalized service design technology and manufacturing process;
Application software curing technologies, suitable for the development of intelligent, networked sensors and instrumentation signal transformation, compensation, linearization, communication, network interface etc. Dedicated circuit.

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