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Sensors and instrumentation components is one of the most basic components in instrumentation and automation systems. Sensors and instrumentation components has the demand for services is wide, wide variety, the major characteristics and its technical level and improve the quality of our products, w...[More]
Recently, the management and System Research Institute completed an important innovation project and the national power industry, developed a new type of induction watt-hour meter required multiple sensors, the conversion efficiency is 50 times the Holzer sensor. The meter is an indispensable tool ...[More]
Time:2013-04-22  Dispersion prism
Optical glass and ordinary glass difference: 1: the refractive index ND, uneven. Optical glass is a high penetration rate, through the uniform. While the ordinary glass through the uneven and low. Can enlarge after apparent glass per point of transmittance of inhomogeneous deformation, light. Data ...[More]
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