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Name:Optical beamsplitter half mirror plate beam splitter glass beamsplitters window slice polarizer spectroscopic glass


Quick Details

Place of Origin: Dongguan, China   

Brand Name: hongcheng

products name: beam splitter plate

material: K9/quartz/other optical glass custom

size: custom-made   Certification: ISO9001,e-mark

Supply Ability 100000 Piece/Pieces per week


Packaging & Delivery

we have all kinds of package size you can choose and we can customize the package according to your request.
Inner packing-------special protective packing for optical products.
Outer packing------carton, Shock absorption material and bubble wrap


         beam splitter Prisms are widely used in optical system, which can reflect, deviate and rotate the beam of light as well as to disperse the wave length of the light.
we can supply customized beamsplitter prism service according to your drawing and sample


           we specialize in the design and volume manufacturing of high performance optical components such as lens,prisms, windows,filters,mirrors and more for use in optical instruments and laser systems, as well as for military, telecommunications,medical, environment monitoring industry,material is widely ranged from optical glass to IR and UV glass.                                   

If you have any question, feel free to contact me ,we are glad to help


Contact Person: Linda Chen (Foreign Trade Manager)

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Fax: +86-0769-23064224


Whats app:+86 13580812583

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