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Name:Optical reticle φ35 (mm) high precision and stable 1μm microscope reticle, precise and stable microscope eyepiece reticle

 Product Details:

(1) Product introduction:

1. Product name: cross reticle

2. Product model: HCL05-25

3. Dimensions: φ25mm (customizable)

4. Precision (μm): 1

5. Material : Quartz/glass (customizable)

 Uses: Optical inspection, measurement, surveying and mapping instruments such as microscopes, magnifiers, and theodolites. The resolution and optical transfer function can be checked.

The reticle is an optical element inserted into the eyepiece of an imaging system, and a crosshair or concentric ring can be superimposed on the object to be imaged. The pattern can be used as a position reference and can be aligned with the object to be imaged.

Processing customization instructions:

Please send us the style photos, detailed drawings or style product links you want to process, and attach as detailed material composition, quality requirements, quantity, size and other instructions as possible. According to the drawings and styles of your inquiry, we Will give you an accurate quotation.

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