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Name:0-100mm standard glass scale manufacturer The normal standard glass scale

Name: Standard glass scale      Model: HBL01-100

Dimensions: 130*30*5mm           Accuracy:1um

Length:130mm    Width:30mm   Thickness:5mm  

Division Value: 0.1mm,0.5mm,1mm


 The working standard glass scale is used as an optical component for measuring and calibrating in length measuring tools such as length measuring instrument, length measuring machine, universal tool microscope and universal measuring machine. In the coordinate boring machine, coordinate grinder and other precision machine tools as a positioning element standard glass scale for measuring or positioning, and reading microscope, optical reading head or photoelectric microscope, etc. The ruler film used for tool microscope faces down and is engraved on the back of the ruler.Basis of production and testing regulations: JJG73-2005 (verification regulations for standard glass scale)

 The above specification are commonly used specifications, other models can be customized.


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