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Tropel® FlatMaster® 100 Surface Form Analysis System
Product Name:
 The Tropel® FlatMaster® offers industry leading performance for surface form measurements to precision component manufacturers. Our non-contact optical technique analyzes the entire surface of the part in seconds, regardless of its size or complexity. The FlatMaster provides five nano  [More]

SHIMADZU UV-2450 UV Visible Spectrophotometer
Product Name:
 UV-Vis spectrophotometer is one of the most common instruments used in every chemical analysis laboratory, and has been widely used in various quantitative and qualitative analyses. Island Tianjin's UV-vis spectrophotometer product line is very rich, from the ordinary single-beam spectrophotom  [More]

ZYGO GPI XP/D 4 inch Laser Interferometer
Product Name:
 GPI™XP/D Laser Interferometer--using the principle of phase-shifting interferometry, provides high-precision planar surface shape, ball face shape, curvature radius, sample surface quality, transmission wave front measurement and analysis. GPI™XP/D is a laser interferometer that Zy  [More]

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